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I've bought and used both the USDM and JDM shifters for extended amounts of time. They both reduce the throw by approximately the same amount.

I tracked and put tons of miles on the USDM without any problems. I later upgraded to the JDM.

For the driving I do and if I had to do it over, I would have gotten and just spent the money once for the JDM shifter from the start

The USDM shifter

  • lower pricepoint, better if you are uncertain if you'll like the upgrade
  • requires a little more diligence and watching to make sure the installation is proper
  • comes with stiffened shifter mount
  • a little less work to install
  • often prone to ratting/more noise

The JDM shifter
  • is more expensive
  • is more sturdy and confident
  • requires a little more work to install.
  • DOES NOT come with a stiffened shifter mount (reuses OEM mount), though you can upgrade if you want
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