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Originally Posted by weederr33 View Post
They started giving participation trophies to sports I played when I was 10-15 and I'm 33. So I don't think it's that. It's more deep. Remember, Gen Z is the kids who love to have 'dark humor' and make depression jokes but the moment you look at them wrong, it's a micro aggression. Then again, I have to have dark humor cuz you know, gotta laugh off that RPG that was shot at me back in '09.
I'm 40 and never heard of "participation" trophies until I was in college, actually even after because I was a coach for tackle football for 8th graders while in college.

Plenty of people like dark humor. Go to your local comedy club when some one like Dave Attell comes in, you'll see there are plenty of us that still have a sense of humor.
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