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Originally Posted by soundman98 View Post
the recall is for a different part. but even if the recall was associated with the failure you're describing, failure to perform the recall means you took on the liability/risk of the part breaking.

it's no different than a buddy coming by and saying "hey, your water heater is 30 years old, you should replace that before it breaks." if it breaks a month later, you can't make your buddy pay for the new water heater.
There was no time limit listed on the recall so it would be covered if it was indeed a valve spring that went.
Doesn't matter.
It apparently was not the valve springs that went.
If it was it would be one of about 5 reported cases of a spring actually failing.
If it was a spring the whole engine would not be taken out anyway.
There is a pile of conflicting statements here with the OP obsessing that they "lied" to him.
I see no evidence presented that it was NOT a lack of coolant and the constant referral to the recall is meaningless grasping at straws to blame somebody else.
You do your own maintenance and you sacrifice the documentation saying what was checked and any proof you could have had that the dealer screwed up.
This is no different than the guys that money shift over rev, throw a rod through the block and then say that the dealer must have screwed up their car.
All and all this whole thread is shady as fuck!
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