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Originally Posted by Zeuscannon3777 View Post
I have a 2013 frs
The day started 10-15 minute warm up
Drive for 3 hours. Then when I was pulling into canes chicken. The car shook and died. The maintenance on it has been done ever 6k miles. It was just hitting 5.5k miles. I have it sent to carmax for the warranty. They said they don’t work on engines. Then I had it sent to Toyota for the work. They called me and said it was a engine failure. Then call back 2 hour later and said there was no coolant. Brand new engine cost 17k. I start doing research and notice a recall on my car. I tell them it could be a recall. And they said due to there being no coolant it would be considered neglect. I reported it to highways safety association. That a company won’t do my recall. I have a few questions.
If a car doesn’t have coolant would the car last 15 minute being on?
Next isn’t there a safety shutoff for the car when it hits a certain temperature?
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What kind of engine failure?
If the engine overheated that bad, if would of mix oil and coolant due to blown head gaskets. Some engine are repairable after a blown head gasket, if it wasn't driven to long.
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