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^^ really its pretty straight forward. My take on it. Dont hurt yourself, use safety as always. Just a guideline. Took me maybe an hour on the floor at a comfortable pace.

-Remove factory strut bar things over the engine, dont know if you have to but I did.

-Safely raise and support the cars front end.

-Remove both the aluminum and soft under panels.

-Unbolt 2 14mm nuts holding old mounts to subframe.

-Place wood on jack, lift on oil pan just enough to take the weight.

-Undo the bolts at the front of each mount, you can see them easily near the exhaust ports. Use a long extension and 14mm socket.

-Around back use a 14mm wrench to unbolt the rear mount bolts. Passenger side is just to the inside of the over pipe. Driver side is just inside of the steering shaft.

-With bolts removed lift up the engine only high enough to pull the mounts out. (I put a block of wood between the motor and subframe to keep it from falling, highly suggest this.)

-Passenger comes out over the rear of the sub frame. (This is with an aftermarket over pipe and catless front pipe.)

-Driver has to twist and come out over the front of the sub frame.

-Keep track of which mount goes on which side, compare to the STi mounts.

-STI mounts go in just like the old ones came out.

-Before lowering the motor down bolt on the new STI mounts to the engine. The STI mounts come with new bolts for the rear. Reuse the original bolts on the front. Take care not to cross thread these, they thread into aluminum.

-Now slowly lower the engine back down keeping an eye to make sure the new mounts drop into the mounting holes in the subframe.

-With the engines weight on the subframe reinstall the nuts on the new mounts.

-Reinstall under panels.

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