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TRD Intake Quick Look

20130403-86TRDIntake-030 by VictorN07, on Flickr

I'm doing a personal favor for my friend @stevo_12v in helping him get the TRD intake. He may be the first to install it. I inspected the package before sending it off. Here are my thoughts. I hope it doesn't make Steve too anxious

Large but light box. Comes in at 8lbs. Good sign for weight weenies.

20130403-86TRDIntake-010-Edit by VictorN07, on Flickr

Leaves nothing to the imagination for the shipping company!!!

20130403-86TRDIntake-007 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Japanese Proverb

20130403-86TRDIntake-009 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Part Numbers. This is a Made in the USA unit. I thought most TRD parts are made in Japan?

20130403-86TRDIntake-012 by VictorN07, on Flickr

The TRD Intake removes the sound tube, so it comes with a plastic plug to cap the sound tube. In this bag there is also a zip tie to tie down the MAF sensor wire and some other plastic cap. It's purpose remains unknown to me

20130403-86TRDIntake-016 by VictorN07, on Flickr

The booklet that comes with it. I love that it says 2.0L F-4 on the top.

20130403-86TRDIntake-025 by VictorN07, on Flickr

The backside of the airbox's part number

20130403-86TRDIntake-027 by VictorN07, on Flickr

The backside of the box. it is much longer than the stock box. The exit of this intake box goes straight back into the throttle body. No more bends for the air to go around.

20130403-86TRDIntake-020 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Inside of the box

20130403-86TRDIntake-017 by VictorN07, on Flickr

20130403-86TRDIntake-023 by VictorN07, on Flickr

MAF sensor port. You need to reuse the screws to secure the MAF Sensor.

20130403-86TRDIntake-021 by VictorN07, on Flickr

The front side of the airbox part number

20130403-86TRDIntake-028 by VictorN07, on Flickr


20130403-86TRDIntake-029 by VictorN07, on Flickr

20130403-86TRDIntake-030-2 by VictorN07, on Flickr

It only attaches using two out of the three mount points from the stock box. You need to transfer the rubber grommets from the stock box over and reuse the 10mm bolts to secure this. It reuses the stock air scoop so no need to remove the bumper to install this intake.

20130403-86TRDIntake-032 by VictorN07, on Flickr

You can see where the TRD logo comes into the box

20130403-86TRDIntake-033 by VictorN07, on Flickr

20130403-86TRDIntake-034 by VictorN07, on Flickr

It comes with a flexible hose and two clamps. The flexible bits do induce some turbulence, but at least its a short straight connection to the throttle body. Plus its red!

20130403-86TRDIntake-036 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Shows the matte finish of the pipe

20130403-86TRDIntake-038 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Here comes the air filter part number

20130403-86TRDIntake-039 by VictorN07, on Flickr

I didn't know the TRD air filter was an oiled part. You can see the oil stain on the top left of the box. The filter was preoiled, the inside of the bag was slimy. It is a very long reusable filter. who knows if more surface area for air to go through would increase performance. Steve will tell us. The red frame is flexible.

20130403-86TRDIntake-045 by VictorN07, on Flickr

closeup of filter

20130403-86TRDIntake-047 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Overall I thought the part was built very well. Still surprises me its a USA part and not Japan part. Judging from my experience you need the following to complete the install:

10mm socket
Phillips screwdriver

It should take about 1 hour to install it.

I hope you enjoy it Steve.
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