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The Face Hugger 2.0 has arrived....John just finished up the fabrication work on our next iteration of our header testing.

4-2-1 Tri Y Long Tube Header. Features triple stepped design with a choked 3" outlet collector and 1.75 -> 2.00 -> 2.13 tubular construction. We have set it up to test 3" and 2.5" outlet sizes for power differential as well as 3" and 2.5" overpipe downpipe combos catted and catless. Don't expect to have any huge shocks there in terms of differential between 2.5" and 3" - thinking that is going to be a negligible change and honestly, as loud as this full 3" exhaust is with 4 mufflers in it (LOUD), I'm guessing power to sound ratio isn't going to be something that is going to impact too many peoples buying decision.

Anyhow, the header is done, we're working on a few supporting mods for it (there are a few other configurable items that we have planned into this design - some might be rather surprising), and then should have a chance to go rod on it tonight before we switch to a little 5th Gen Legacy GT development tomorrow and then go back to work on our ballistic 6466 turbo kit for the STi.

So here are some photos to drive you guys crazy for a few more days. Should have this to the dyno by Monday or Tuesday.

In designing and fabricating this setup we also came up with some other ways that we can make the other two existing designs a little easier - so if this one picks up quite a bit of power we will build a few of those other two designs out using some of those techniques and test them as well. May have a few units ready to go here and get into customers hands at that point also. We're doing our best to bring these all to market asap. This one is going to have the most value to our customers I'm thinking. It allows some....unique capabilities. Lets play Where's Waldo.

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