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Originally Posted by tfdave View Post
TTwintube design and the patented dual adjustment damping. But these points also offer some disadvantages. Stainless steel dissipates heat much slower which can lead to fade and aeration, which can hurt overall performance. Twintube is low pressure design, which allows for softer ride but is more prone to aeration. Twintube construction does not allow for inverted mounting, thus doesn't offer inverted setup for mcpherson type suspension.

Stance suspension mainly offers monotube coilovers for its many advantages. It allows for larger diameter piston and high pressure, which can react much faster to smallest movement, no dead spot. Since its single casing, oil can dissipate heat faster, less fade. Oil and gas are separated so it can be mounted inverted. There are clear advantages to the inverted design. That's why most high end cars come with inverted monotube from factory and most race cars use monotube design.

None of what I've quoted is very accurate. The very simple fact is that you get what you pay for. You can talk about twin vs monotube and inverted struts all day long but that has nothing to do with the R&D that goes into the valving and quality control. And I can call the inverted design a disadvantage in the same way you're calling it an advantage. It means that the piston rod is smaller because it does not need to support any lateral forces, so there is less displacement in the shock. On the higher end ones with that external compression reservoir, that means it takes more motion of the shock to get the bump valving working. Plus inverted shocks tend to have stiction and clunking issues. All that surface area between the insert and housing means that it takes more initial force to get the shock moving.

KW can be found on many REAL race cars and not just a time attack car. Most of the top TA cars in the US are on KW or JRZ. Also, have you seen these?

This is a non-inverted monotube and I'm pretty sure it's stiffer than an inverted stance coilover, and doesn't have any stiction issues because it uses linear bearings in the housing. Yes, it's expensive and you can't get them for the BRZ yet. It's meant for tarmac rally where a strong, rigid shock is very important. Very few of the high end motorsports (not rally) offerings for Subaru struts are inverted, and when I talked to JRZ about it for a time attack car they didn't see much reason to go that way.

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