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Stock Mud Guard Install DIY (BRZ & FR-S)

This DIY guide will walk you through installing the stock mud guards on your BRZ/FR-S. These can be purchased @ any Scion dealer for around $65. The part number is PU060-18013-P1

Proceed at your own risk, I'm not responsible for any harm to yourself or your car that occurs while following this guide. Always be careful when under a motor vehicle, ensure it is properly supported at all times.

HERE IS THE STOCK PDF: BRZ Mudguard Installation Guide.pdf

Equipment required:
19mm socket for lug nuts (lug key if needed)
Breaker bar with 3" extension
Torque wrench
Bone tool (or flat head screwdriver for prying)
#2 Phillips screwdriver
5/16" drill bit (or 8mm)
Electric drill
Floor jack
Jack stands (x2)
Wheel Chocks

What's included w/the Mud Guards

- Ensure the car is in gear and parking brake engaged.
- The first step is to break loose the lug nuts on the front wheels. Use a breaker bar, as most torque wrenches should not be used to untorque nuts.
- Next, jack up the front of the car.

- I recommend using a set of jack pads like these, got them @ Harbor Freight for $8

- Ensure all tools have been removed from underneath vehicle
- Install the lug nuts to finger tightness while wheel is in the air
- Once on the ground, torque lugs in a star pattern to 89 ft-lbs
...SOLD my WRB BRZ...

Replaced with a 2013 Mazdaspeed3!

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