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Here are some observations from the racing pedal install.

My car was undriveable for a while

20120915-SRP Racing Pedals-12 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Held on tight

20120915-SRP Racing Pedals-13 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Covered removed and my chosen drill points

20120915-SRP Racing Pedals-14 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Comparison between stock gas pedal and new gas pedal

20120915-SRP Racing Pedals-15 by VictorN07, on Flickr

It's not a perfect fit. I'm okay with it though

20120915-SRP Racing Pedals-16 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Dead Pedal was a bitch. I ended up cutting a hole in the carpet.

20120915-SRP Racing Pedals-17 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Shows how much carpet I took out.

20120915-SRP Racing Pedals-19 by VictorN07, on Flickr


20120915-SRP Racing Pedals-18 by VictorN07, on Flickr

There was foam behind the pedal. I took that out.

20120915-SRP Racing Pedals-20 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Full fit.

20120915-SRP Racing Pedals-21 by VictorN07, on Flickr

Instead of leaving the foam there, I decided to remove it. The mounting surface for the dead pedal is not rubber, but metal. It was also not black so I ended up using black racing tape so it grey wouldn't show through the pedal.

The kit included 8 self tapping screws and 6 bolts with locking nuts. The gas pedal was plastic so the self tapping screws were perfect for that. I used 4. The brake and clutch pedals were steel so I ended up using the nuts and bolts for those. Used 3 each.

I knew ahead of time I wouldn't be able to use the nuts and bolts for the dead pedal since I can't reach behind. When I found out the mounting surface was metal I knew the self tapping screws provided aren't appropriate but I made them work. The instructions said to drill a 1/16" hole for the dead pedal but the screws wouldn't work unless until I bored out a 7/64" hole. The self tapping screws are also fairly short. Think 1/2". If I used the foam the screws would not reach the metal.

Not aiming to bash SRP. It is a good product. Just wanted to raise awareness.
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