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Drove on it for a few more months without any real improvement. Also noticed some screeching coming from the bell housing when the system was hot from spirited driving, in gear, in motion, and on a downhill.

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled out the ACT clutch kit and re-installed the OEM clutch kit. I haven't had any problems since.

Upon initial visual inspection of the ACT kit, nothing appeared wrong with it. Throw out bearing and pilot bearing spun free. No damage on the input shaft

I sent to back to ACT for evaluation, and they say they didn't find anything wrong with it either. They seem to think it's the clutch hydraulic system/supporting components on the car. Might have been a spline grease issue.

In the end, nothing conclusive. I'll keep the OE kit in the car a while and do another clutch job when I feel like I need to. I likely won't put the ACT kit back on the car.
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