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How to activate brz limited alarm

The secont post tells you how to turn on the alarm on the limited brz. If you do this then lock the doors the icon on thendash will be solid for 30 seconds then flas after that whicn means your alarm is set the link wont post so here it is.

If anyone has yet to be able to do it here are the steps:

1) Get in the car

2) press the start/stop button two times, with makes the car to be in the start position (all your dash lights light up)

3) Lock the car with the physical button on the door

4) Press the unlock button on the door and open the door while still pressing the unlock door button.

5) Still pressing the unlock button, wait about 10 seconds, the car will beep once for activated and twice for deactivated and the information panel in the cluster will say either "AL on" or "AL off"
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