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I am going to try to use the stock amp location in the trunk and replace it with a 4 channel amp. I'd like to use those subwoofer outputs for the signal instead of using the front L/R signal that is already there in the trunk.

I took a look at the amp in the trunk and I don't think the power going to that amp is going to cut it. It was a very thin gauge wire and just run off a 15A fuse, so I think I'd be blowing that fuse even with my 200W amp. The good news is the L/R signal coming from the radio is there, and the wiring to the front door speakers is there, so I should be able to tap into that to wire in a 4 channel amp.

wiring diagram

location of amp (power connector is on the right)

closeup of signal connnector

The wires going into this connector are:
(1 is at the bottom left of the connector in the photo, 10 is the top right)
1 - Pink (looks orange?) - Left speaker +
2 - Blue - Right speaker +
3 - Light Green - Left signal +
4 - White - Right signal +
5 - Violet - Left speaker -
6 - Red - Right speaker -
8 - Green - remote signal
9 - Yellow - Left Signal -
10 - Sky Blue - Right signal -

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