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I was gone for 2 wks in Japan to help people in Kumamoto Japan. While I was gone, guess what came in?

Big thanks to @AceHeader-MT for this awesome header.

Both header and over pipe are made nicely. It was packaged very tightly and no space for header & OP to move around to get dent or scratched.


Not sure you can see, but welding on this header is AMAZING! It's a top quality.

They made sure to flat the surface of the connecting area to make sure it doesn't leak. Of course that's a common thing, but you'll be amazed some header doesn't.

Here are more photos of the header

Over Pipe:
Of course, it goes same with OP. Without a doubt, they're top quality.

They sent me stickers and this pretty tag for keychain. It's pretty niffy swag, I just say...

What's next?
I'll be getting it ceramic coated. Where I live, it gets really hot! Not hot has Arizona or Texas... but hot enough to bake a cookie under the hood. I want to avoid overheating much as I can.

After get it coated, I'll be getting it installed and tuned. If you're wondering which tuning I'm going with, I'll be going with Ecu-Tek at the moment.

Hopefully, I can get some update next month.
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