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Alright, few updates. I had a chance to install ST Suspension front & rear sway bars, Stoptech ss brakelines & ARP extended wheel studs.

ST Suspension Sway Bars

Installed the front without any flaws... rear had a bit of hiccups. What was the issue? See the parts I've circled in red? It was missing that, plus instruction for the rear. Result, I couldn't install the rear sway bar. Now, big thanks to @FT-86 SpeedFactory, I've emailed them and they fixed it ASAP by contacting ST Suspension and sending me the parts! I cannot thank them enough for all the help. After receiving the parts & instruction, I was able to install the rear sway bar without any hiccups.


Now why I went with ST Suspension instead of say... Cusco, Whiteline, Perrin or other brands? Few reasons, but major reason was their sway bar sizes. I didn't want anything too big. Having too big/stiff sway isn't always the answer. My car is not only for autocrossing, drift or track, but also for daily driving, specially in the winter time, I cannot have too stiff of suspension!

Stock vs ST Suspension

Stocks - front:18mm / rear:14mm
ST - front:19mm / rear:17mm
Front sway was pretty stiff as is, so didn't want to stiffen up much vs rear, I wanted 15mm~16mm, which Whiteline and Cusco have, but I was interested to see why ST went with 17mm.

Rear sway bar

As you can see, top is ST 17mm vs bottom stock 14mm have a huge difference in size. It was a bit questionable, if 17mm was too stiff. But I was surprised with how car responded after the installation.

You can install the rear sway bar without taking off the exhaust (axleback)... but I would encourage you guys to take it off. It's not worth the hassle and several swearing and screaming. Rear chassis brace can get in the way as well, so keep that in mind when you're installing the rear sway bar.

Side note
Keep in mind, if you have aftermarket catback/axleback, sway bar might get REALLY close. Mine is about 1/2"~3/4" from touching the pipe.

I'll be doing more driving to see the difference between stock and ST sway bars as well as testing them out autocrossing (April 10th). I'm interested to see how it'll perform.
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