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I haven't posted here for a while... but here you, this weekend, had a chance to install simple/quick mod. Exhaust cover. So thought to give you guys quick review on it.

For a while, I was looking at exhaust cover, due to my exhaust setup (single exit). Currently, I only know FT-86 SpeedFactory and Innovated Dynamics makes cover for our car. I went with Innovated Dynamics. Why? biggest reason was weight. FT86SF cover is made out of steel vs ID cover is made out of poly-flex fiberglass, which makes it way lighter than steel. Of course, that came with higher price than FT86SF ($75 + shipping vs $65 + shipping), so I took the hit and bought ID's exhaust cover.

Now, let me say this. I regret buying it. Here are 3 reasons.

1. Quality
By any means, I'm not expecting 200% amazing quality parts. Very small scratch, I don't care... but WHOLE cover were covered with scratches and imperfections. I've circled some of them.

As you can see, there's a tons more if you look carefully. Specially in the middle there was 3~4" long scratch. Just letting you know, I took that photo right after I've taken out from the box. I didn't play football or baseball with it. It's a bit ridiculous.

Interesting one is on the back side

Why there's a huge dip/scratch? By any means, it's gonna be covered, so I won't see it... but it's not really fun to see those things.

2. Nuts & Bolts
This cover is hold down by 3 nuts and bolts. Cover have 3 holes and you align it up to the rear bumper and drill a holes and tight them down with nuts and bolts.

My favorite part of nuts and bolts is this.

How am I gonna tight that bolt? Their quality control is failing badly. Bolts were way too long as well. They didn't really care to figure anything out. Felt like they just found few nuts and bolts in the garage and just put it in.

Got a right measurements and went to Home Depot got better nuts, bolts & other stuff to secure the cover properly. Costed me extra $5, but I know, I can tight them down without worry about how I'm going to tight them.

3. Location
Kinda hard to explain, but while I was installing it, I notice that side bottom cover isn't really secured. only the top part is secured. Bottom wasn't really secured, so I decided to changed few things around.

As you can see from the photo, I drilled 2 extra holes and use that hole and nuts and bolts to be more flushed with the bumper.

Now, here's before and after photo.



and here are several different angle photos

Now, I've complained almost whole post... but there are 2 positive to this cover. Cover was molded from the rear bumper, so it fit perfectly. Just securing location need to be better.

I stated at the beginning, but this cover is lighter than FT86SF's cover because it's poly-flex fiberglass, instead of steel.

Now, would I recommend to anyone? Nope, I can't recommend to anyone. unless, you're looking into for exhaust cover, look into FT-86SpeedFactory's cover. They're a bit heavier, but we're talking bout very small weight difference for very high quality parts.
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