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I have just removed my shelf with the help of the posts in this thread and here are my notes which complement.

See the links which have photos. ALSO scroll down for info re a "hook" on the underside of the shelf, directly below the "space ship" that hooks under the metal.
It is NOT necessary to remove trim panels.

For future use I have made slits in the edge of the shelf DIRECTLY opposite the clips. They are virtually invisible and will normally be concealed behind the rear seat rests. These are for insertion of a clip-release tool ,but note the clips will tend to pop back so slip something in under the edge to keep it raised. I found slipping my slender hand under the shelf difficult.

Put a newspaper against the glass to protect the heater wires.
Remove the 4 black clips along the edge of the shelf.
There are 4 white clips in a line, about 50mm in from the rear edge and about 40cm apart.The tips of the clips are visible from up in the boot.

Go along the edge of the shelf and gently bend it up. . Lift the RH end and push you hand in to locate the clip about 30mm in from the end. Using the panel clip remover, slide it up and under the panel from the front and feel around until the tool gets ahold of the clip. Pop out the clips, but note that they are going to want to snap back into the hole due to the pressure of the panel being stretched into place so stuff something in to hold it up .
When all 4 clips are popped, pull the centre forward enough to release the hook in the metal below the space ship. At each end of the shelf there is a tab with a hole in it. The tab goes along underneath the plastic trim and the hole locates UP to a protrusion in the trim. While pushing down on the extreme end of the shelf to release at the hole, pull the end of the shelf forward.Do the other end and remove the shelf. and
and <<-- This has useful pics but includes
removing trim which is not necessary.
GTS86 Auto (Australia)
GTS86 Auto (Australia)
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