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Originally Posted by Sasquachulator View Post
Or get the car there and go to a toyota dealership for service
Exactly Luckily there are also a few decent mechanics I've found who know Subaru mechanics well and are honest. Getting a clutch replaced on a WRX is expensive (and probably will be on the BRZ too, because of the boxer engine), and I paid half what the dealership charges, and it was done quickly. The mechanic did a great job too.

Regarding the environmental fee stuff: the best part is that Calgary Subaru calls you after to see how their service was, and when I mentioned (very politely) the added "environmental" fee and what it's for given that this was a wheel alignment, she got argumentative that it was a necessary fee and well worth what was charged because of the plastic bags they go through (I still don't understand the "environmental" part of the fee if its just paying for bags that go to the landfill or get recycled; how does my money help this situation?).

At the same dealership (Calgary Subaru) I had brought my WRX in for a maintenance and had just paid someone to rotate the tires (I had bought it from someone who had never rotated them and the front tires were nearly bald). I politely mentioned that the maintenance says they will rotate the tires and asked them to please not rotate the tires because I just rotated them. The service woman snapped that they would only rotate them if they needed rotating and became angry at my request (not sure why).

So I get back to pick up my car and find the tires rotated and I was charged for it. The wear was obvious to anyone between the front and back (and I'm not a mechanic in the least, I just like driving, but one pair was clearly bald while the other was nearly new). So I had to pay someone else again to rotate them back (if I took it back, I'd have to wait another whole day while they do it, as every oil change or minor service takes them a day to complete). So that was three charges for the same tire rotation.

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