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Originally Posted by 7thgear View Post
You get it all back by charging premium for parts and labour

Book value says a job takes 4 hours to complete, competent mechanic finishes in 1 hour, you pocket 3 hour difference, multiply by a whole day and you've made 2-3 grand from a single technitian.

Not to mention disqualifying half of the warranty claims in the hopes that the consumer is too stupid to call up the manufacturer.

Sounds like you've been to the Calgary Subaru dealerships haha

On top of charging nearly double anyone else, Subaru Calgary even charges a bullѕhit environmental fee of $20 for every service, no matter what. I got charged it for just a wheel alignment, and when I complained that there are no fluids involved they said it was for the plastic they had to put on the seat. That's some fancy aѕѕ plastic. I don't use them any more.
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