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Boring safe options from top to bottom... one day I will try and change that.
Two bought from new, the rest in various states of used.

1987 Honda CRX - first car I owned outright, after driving the family car in high school, drove it for almost 10 yrs... then I decided to use work as a chance to travel and I've owned the following the past 11+ yrs

1993 Honda Civic DX
2001 RenaultSport Clio 172
2005 Clio RenaultSport 182 Trophy
2007 Honda Civic Si
2005 Clio RenaultSport 182 Trophy
2007 Honda Civic Type R (FD2)
1989 Honda Prelude Si 4WS
1999 BMW 323is

Pics of the two cars North American folks might not be as familiar with:
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