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Frankly I think past 200 on pump gas is definitely optimistic. We hit an honest 205 or so on E85 with Simmons' car last year (now Derek's) and I doubt you'll see too much higher. It is > 100hp/liter, to the wheels, which is damn impressive. While we could get more creative with some dyno work (such as arbitrary dynojet conversions on other dynos...) I think there's just a limit to what a 2.0l will do with stock compression--which is already a ludicrous (for an OEM) 12.5:1.

I doubt you'll see too much with cams; the stock setup is already pretty aggressive. If it weren't you wouldn't get the torque dip nor spin to nearly 8k without a massive tq drop. Thankfully the dual VVT keeps things at bay. I'd say no more than 10 hp from cams alone. Compression wise there isn't too much room if you plan on doing many miles.

ITBs sound nice, and make for great response. But the stock plenum ain't half bad for flow. Larger throttle body(ies) might make more HP but I've not seen anyone prove this just yet.

My gut tells me Subaru/Toyota are not making this one easy for the NA aftermarket. Though they certainly did for FI, given the punishment these motors are taking.
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