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MAF Voltage: Voltage of the MAF sensor. There is a table that converts this voltage to g/s that the ECU then uses. This table may need to be configured to your sensor.
VVT intake: The angle of the cams of the intake VVT system
VVT exhaust: The angle of the cams of the exhaust VVT system
Ignition advance: Do you mean ignition timing? The angle before top dead centre (BTDC) that the sparks ignites in the cylinder. Too much advance and you'll get knock, but generally the more advanced you go then this increases power.
KC learned value: The ECU has a base ignition table, and an advance table. The KCL value is how much timing the ECU is adding onto the base value from the advance table. If the KCL values = the advance table then the ECU isn't pulling timing and all is happy.
STFT: This is what the ECU adds/removes from the fueling as an instant response to the target AFRs while in closed loop.
LTFT: Multiple occurrences of STFT will result in LTFTs being applied. Both LT/STFT are done on load based so you don't get a consistent reading across the full rev range or from different pedal positions. You ideally don't want massive swings in LTFT, STFTs aren't necessarily an issue.
Adv multiplier: The easiest way to describe this is the multiplier of the ignition advance table: Base ignition timing + (Ignition advance timing x IAM) = Ignition timing. FYI, Ignition advance timing x IAM = KCL. This will vary depending on knock detection. It will drop if consistent knock events are detected. It won't however necessarily drop upon every detection of knock.
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