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jbarone96 07-15-2021 12:35 PM

Clutch noise?
I have a 2016 BRZ and itís got about ~75,000 miles on it. Recently Iíve noticed a grinding noise when on a hill and starting from a stop as I release the clutch to start moving. Is my clutch worn already? Do any of you know what this noise could be? Thank you

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Ultramaroon 07-15-2021 04:48 PM

If you put it in high gear at a stop and let go of the clutch, does the engine immediately stall? If not, worn clutch.

Otherwise, suspect worn TOB about to take out your clutch. Transmission comes out either way.

jbarone96 07-15-2021 08:42 PM

Ok Iíll give it a shot tonight. Thanks!

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radroach 07-22-2021 02:22 PM

@jbarone96 its the throwout bearing. They get worn out, develop play and also scratch up the shaft they ride on. Worse case scenario they burn up and blow up. I'm on my third throw out bearing. I think the best way to test for the noise is on deceleration going downhill though.

jbarone96 07-24-2021 12:29 AM

Yeah I did a clutch test and it passed. It must be the TOB. I got a quote to just take the trans off from a local shop and itís $957 in labor. I plan on adding boost in the near future so should I just have them install an upgraded clutch and clutch fork while they are in there? Seems logical to just do it that way and I donít have the equipment to remove the trans on my own. Thanks for the responses!

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Ultramaroon 07-24-2021 01:28 AM

Stay with the stock clutch so you can't over-torque the transmission.

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