Wednesday March 10, 2010 01:00

Toyota FT-86 Price, Weight, and Production Name revisited. Cast your votes!

We haven’t revisited these topics officially on our blog since the FT-86 concept was first unveiled (in Oct. 2009). For our newer readers, it should be fun to cast your votes below. And for our long-time readers, it should prove interesting to see the updated vote #’s.

Original Post:
Three of the most hotly speculated (and debated) issues on our forums so far have been the production Toyota FT-86′s pricing, weight, and what name it will carry. Toyota has given only some general guidance so far as to the price — somewhere in the $20,000 range, and has not even released any official info on what the weight of concept version is. Nor has Toyota given an indication of whether the FT-86 name will make production, or whether it will carry the “Celica” badge or even be rebranded as a Scion.

This lack of information of course makes for some fun debate and speculation, so be sure to cast your vote (and voice your opinions) in these following polls:

> Toyota FT-86 Price Poll < > Toyota FT-86 Weight — take your guesses < > FT-86 Production Name <