Tuesday February 15, 2011 14:00

Toyota Officially Registers 86 Trademark

Here is the latest installment in the FT-86 naming saga. The question all along has been “What will Toyota call the production version of the FT-86?” Will it retain the FT-86 badge? Will it even be badged as a Toyota (rather than a Scion)?

If this trademark is to be any indication, it shows that the car’s production name may retain the “86″ portion of the concept car’s name. Filed by Toyota on December 23, 2010, the trademark shows that Toyota was or is serious enough about retaining “86″ in the name to trademark a logo.

This is the same stylized 86 which we saw in the center of a bigger logo late last year. That larger logo showed a cross section of a boxer engine, featuring one horizontally opposed piston on each side and the now trademarked number 86 logo inserted in the center where the crankshaft would be.

Toyota’s “86″ trademark filing: http://www.ipo.gov.uk/types/tm/t-os/t-find/t-find-number?detailsrequested=C&trademark=2567820


Trademarked logo: