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DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Guides For all DIYs.

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Old 09-13-2019, 08:55 PM   #1
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Post DIY - Installing Dasaita MAX6 unit on '17 BRZ w/Backup camera, Aux In, and USB

This guide is for the DASAITA unit, which I can confirm has a different black power connector pin-out than the Joying Akuma installed in his car.

The Basics

Out of the box, almost everything works with this this Dasaita stereo. The Steering Wheel Controls (SWC), GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and radio all work flawlessly. However, a few things do not: the front door speakers+factory AMP, the backup camera, the front USB and the auxiliary input all do not work out of the box. However, they are pretty simple to fix once you learn how to do it.

When ordering your unit, ask for the Toyota Dasaita harness. It should come with both a 24 and 28-pin connector in the harness, but specify which connector you want just in case.

To start, you will need a few tools and supplies. Get them before you start with the project:
  • Soldering iron
  • Rosin core 60/40 leaded solder
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Helping hands
  • Heat gun/hair blower
  • Zip ties
  • Box cutter
  • Small box fan
  • Dust/gas mask
  • Sharpie
  • Old used wet sponge
*Alternatively, you can use butt connectors. But they are crap and will give you problems down the line. Also, work in a ventilated area -- solder fumes are no joke.

Additionally, you will need:
  • Precision screwdrivers set
  • Regular screwdrivers
  • Panel safe removal tool set
  • Wrench set and 10mm socket
  • Headlamp
  • AX-SUB28SWC-6V - for backup camera RCA, aux RCA, and a few other cables you are gonna steal from this connector.
  • 12V to 6V DROK car power converter
  • AX-SUBUSB2 usb headunit adapter
  • DASAITA MAX6 toyota headunit
  • Elbow grease
Now that we have everything, organize everything in your workbench, put some chill music, and open the Dasaita box. We are gonna need the main harness, the AX-SUB28SWC, the DROK converter, and the soldering supplies.

The main harness has the 10+6 pin connectors, a 24 and a 28-pin connector, a radio antenna connector (identical to metra 40-LX11), a reverse orange cable, and a brown parking brake cable. We will use all of these except the 24-pin and the brake cables.

The 24 and 28-pin cables are only wired for SWC out of the box, so we have to add a few cables to the 28-pin connector and this will be half of the job, the rest will be soldering these to the main harness.

Part A - Repinning

Grab the AX-SUB28SWC and a tiny flat-head precision screwdriver, like the ones for fixing glasses. I used a 1.4mm, but it barely fits in the hole and a smaller one should work better. Insert the flat head in the dash (-) shaped hole, and press with all your might. You might need some kitchen paper tissues to hold the connector in one hand and the tiny screwdriver on your other hand without bruising your skin. Remove the following pins:
  • Pin 2: Reverse trigger, green wire
  • Pin 11: Camera power (+6V), red wire on mine, yellow on Akuma's
  • Pin 12: Camera +, yellow wire
  • Pin 13: Camera -, black wire
  • Pin 15 >>> 9: Blue parking brake wire, INSERT ON PIN 9 of dasaita 28-pin connector!
  • Pin 20: Camera power ground, black
  • Pin 21, 22, 23: SWC, should already be installed on Dasaita harness! No need to remove.
  • Pin 26, 27, 28: AUX IN, red, black, and white respectively.
Now that you gave your hand blisters and you cursed like a sailor, insert all of these pins back into the DASAITA 28-pin connector. All of them should be in the same pin slot #, except for blue parking brake wire which should be inserted in pin 9 and will now work for AMP SIGNAL (12V), and will power the factory Amp and the front door speakers.

Part B - Cutting and Soldering

We are almost done. We need to solder our cables together and you will have a custom-made plug-and-play harness for your shiny new Dasaita unit. We will solder about 5 solder joints as follows:
  1. Solder the blue+pink stripe wire, Pin 9 of 28-pin connector into blue wire, pin-13 of black 20-pin connector. Cut blue wire 1 1/2" away from black connector, splice the long end of pin-13 wire with pin-9 wire, then solder these two with the shorter end close to the black connector. This powers the factory car AMP with the headunit's 12V.
  2. Solder the black wire from pin 20 of 28-pin connector with the black wire from the 6V (yellow) side of the DROK converter.
  3. Solder the red wire from pin 11 to the yellow 6V wire of the DROK converter.
  4. Splice the green wire from pin 2 with the red 12V wire of the DROK converter, then solder these two with the orange REVERSE wire of the Dasaita harness (pin 2 of the black connector).
  5. Solder the black wire from the 12V (red side) of the DROK converter with the ground loom of the dasaita harness (pin 15 of the black connector). I cut the loom where the wires meet, then spliced the four black wires together and soldered them with the black ground wire in pin 15 of the black connector, but this was a royal pain in the ass to solder. If I could do it all over again, I would just cut one of the black thin wires and solder my black DROK wire to it, but what's done is done. Your choice.

The Finished Product

Important: for all of these, remember to put a shrink tube as far away from the solder joint as possible. After soldering, slide the tube on top of the joint and use the heat gun to shrink wrap it. Please be very careful when soldering as you can shrink the tube prematurely with the heat of the iron and the result is a PITA to fix. Before cutting them, join all the relevant wires together and tape them if you want an idea of where everything will go. Measure twice, mark with a sharpie, and cut once. Finally, I strongly suggest practicing a few solder joints with the excess cables you get or cut. This made a huge difference for me.

That is all, you should have a fully functional plug-and-play dasaita harness. The last thing is to plug in the adapter (D) into the headunit to get aux In and backup camera Input, the (B) and (F) cables for two additional USB ports, the AX-SUBUSB2 to get front USB, and the GPS and WIFI antennas for their respective uses. Also included is a USB SD card+adapter with GPS data for the native GPS app, so plug that in if you want, and an external mic which I'm too busy and too lazy to route at the moment. When removing or connecting the stereo, remove the black terminal of the battery to be safe.
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Join Date: Oct 2017
Drives: 2017 BRZ
Location: Cronenberg World
Posts: 20
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Image references
Stock dasaita harness

Axxess AX-SUB28SWC-6V

28-pin connector


Black connector wiring diagram
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Join Date: Oct 2017
Drives: 2017 BRZ
Location: Cronenberg World
Posts: 20
Thanks: 17
Thanked 7 Times in 5 Posts
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DIY - Aftermarket Head Unit install on 2017 BRZ - MASTER GUIDE by akuma

Knowledge base:
Complete BRZ install information guide - EXTREMELY useful - thriller

2012-2013 WRX/STI wiring pinouts

BRZ 28-pin connector pinout diagram - super useful
note: amp signal has been moved from 10-pin connector/pin 8 to 28-pin connector/pin 9. Pin 8 on 10-pin connector is now antenna on new BRZs.

24-pin backup camera pinout (FRS) and FRS/86 reverse camera fix. Not for BRZ

USB port Retention cable types v1 and v2

AE64 Headunit harness info website, very useful, though may be a bit outdated for facelift year cars

Subaru BRZ audio overview

How to solder like a 1970's engineer

How to solder like Chrisfix

Dasaita MAX6 PX6 with Toyota 200mm wide double din
Dasaita MAX6 PX6 with Universal 180mm wide double din
Dasaita PX5 4gb+32gb with Toyota 200mm wide double din
Dasaita PX5 4gb+32gb with Universal 180mm wide double din

Seicane android 9.0 4g+32g toyota din

Tools, harnesses, and misc:
Panel removal tool set

Subaru BRZ:
Joying toyota HILUX harness
Please see ft86 section below for link! For joying only!

Axxess AX-SUB28SWC-6V -- 28-pin harness w/backup camera RCA
note: 28-pin connector includes yellow RCA cable for backup camera for 2017+ BRZ. also includes 12v to 6v converter, but it's junk. get the DROK converter instead. For FRS/86 get TOYCAM3 and DROK. Standalone SUB28SWC harness without 6v converter has been mysteriously discontinued.

Axxess AX-SUBUSB2 USB Retention Harness for Select 2015-Up Subaru Vehicles
note: Use this for BRZ 2016+. For BRZ 2013-2015, get AX-SUBUSB. For FRS and 86 get the AX-TOYUSB or PAC USB-TY1.

Toyota 86 / Scion FRS:
JOYING Universal Wiring Harness for Toyota
note: Keeps steering wheel controls, you need separate ax-toy28swc harness to steal cables for AUX. alternative to hilux harness for those without backup camera. Joying only.

Metra Electronics AX-TOYCAM3 Backup Camera Retention 24-pin harness, contains yellow backup RCA
note: 24-pin harness with yellow RCA for backup camera for FRS and 86 cars. For '17+ BRZ get SUB28SWC-6V

Axxess AX-TOY28SWC Steering Wheel Controller Add-On Harness for Toyota Vehicles -- 28-pin harness connector WITHOUT backup camera RCA
note: For cars without backup camera and with 28-pin connector.

PAC USB-TY1 Toyota USB retention adapter for 2013

All FT86 cars:
Joying toyota Hilux harness, has 28-pin harness integrated
note: could potentially get this instead of separate 28-pin connectors.
Retains steering wheel control and AUX input.
Does not have yellow RCA for 28-pin backup camera connection, but has yellow RCA on headunit side for Joying headunits. Need axxess sub28swc to steal yellow rca on harness side.

12V to 6V Converter, DROK Car Power Converter -- for backup camera

various harness types
note: these come wired for expensive unnecessary SWC interface modules. Probably not gonna get this. Get Joying hilux harness.

Tesa 51608, 25m x 19mm adhesive wiring cloth tape original ISOBAND 3 pcs
note: cloth tape for wire loom management.

METRA 10 AND 6 PIN RADIO WIRING HARNESSES - mostly useless. Buy joying harness, or use the one that comes with your stereo.

1. Apparently, headunits with integrated amps/DSPs do not work with the twins. The twins have an external amp on the trunk on the driver's side. Factory amp needs an analogue signal while amped headunit outputs digital. Do not get a digitally amplified unit!! Confirmed by JstnBrdy
Turns out this is BS. "Integrated" DSP is software only. The hardware part is the SPDIF connection for digital output, but the DSP part can be enabled or disabled so you can output analog signal for factory AMP using the regular harness cables. Buy DSP unit without worries.
2. FRS and 86 cars use a separate 24-pin harness/connector for the backup camera, 2017+ BRZs use the 28-pin connector for the same thing. Steering wheel controls are also on these harnesses. Confirmed by itsAlex
3. 2016+ BRZ moved the AMP cable from 10+6 pin cables to the 28-pin connector, pin #9. Sigh. Lots of people running around without front door speakers working.
4. You can alternatively use a wiring interface to get SWC. Expensive, complicated, and a waste of money, but it works. Much better to use 28- or 24-pin adapter directly.
5. If you have speaker hum/hissing/high pitch noise, see Pumpkibbles' post.

Thanks to:
Akuma147, nothing in this guide would be possible without his pioneering efforts.
Thriller for his incredibly clean and well organized knowledge base/DIY thread. you are a god.
Everyone else that chipped in with their setups, failures, success stories and contributions.

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dasaita, harness, headunit

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