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FR-S / BRZ vs.... Area to discuss the FR-S/BRZ against its competitors [NO STREET RACING]

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Old 04-28-2017, 03:48 PM   #1
Join Date: Apr 2017
Drives: '13 BRZ, 04 rust bucket Suburban
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Thinking of selling my BRZ for a Challenger RT

So I bought a used 2013 BRZ manual about a year and half ago for daily driving. I used to park on the street at the time so I wanted something small for easy-to-find parking but also fun to drive. I loved it at first. The ride was stiff but I got used to it. Still love the handling and the reliability. But after a while I began to notice the lack of power. I pretty much have to keep it close to redline to get any kind of decent acceleration out of it. And the biggest issue I have with it is practicality. It's pretty much non-existent. I didn't really notice it at first but after a while... I can't really use this car for anything except driving it.

Now I have a parking space, so I don't need to drive around looking for parking, and I'm sure anyone who's been or lived in NYC can tell you, parking is a bitch here. And with that I also want something bigger and more practical.

Did some researching around, 2015 Challenger is when Dodge did a pretty big overhaul of the interior. It actually looks pretty damn nice compared to older models, and compared to the BRZ. Has a massive truck, again, compared to the BRZ. And enough power even with that massive weight. Price about the same. And surprisingly the insurance cost about the same, at least when I ran a quote with Geico. Gas price isn't really an issue, even with a V8. It's like like gas prices are $5/gal like a few years ago. Thought about the Comaro - hideous. Thought about a Mustang GT - worried about that rear-wheel traction, don't wanna accidentally pull the Mustang maneuver - burnout, drift, wrapped around a tree or a light pole. Thought about the Charger RT - looks boring, and no manual, which is also boring.

I still have a finance loan on my BRZ. So I want to pay it off this year, which should in turn increase my credit score. I bought it for 25k with all the fees and other crap included. Put 5k down, the rest is a finance loan. I never pay the minimum, always double that or more.

I have some mods on my BRZ: Perrin crank pulley and inlet pipe, removed that sound generator bullshit, Nardi steering wheel, Enkei wheels, and TRD black interior trim pieces. I'm guessing the dealer won't care about the wheels or the trim pieces but other stuff I'd have to change back to stock. The crank pulley might be a pain in the ass to remove but I'll get it done if needs be.

So, thoughts? Advice? Bashing my next car choice?
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Old 04-28-2017, 04:05 PM   #2
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Two different animals. One is light and nimble, but lacks low-end torque. The other is big and heavy but has power almost all the time.
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HKz (04-28-2017)
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Do it, I double dog dare you.

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kakacarrotcake (04-28-2017)
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Both are heavy but I'd go Mustang GT over Challenger personally.

You may end up missing the nimble size and weight of the BRZ though. When I rented a Mustang a couple of years ago, it was big and tall it felt like driving a sedan. Life is short though, try it for the experience and see what you think.
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airjonny (04-28-2017), KR-S 86 (04-28-2017)
Old 04-28-2017, 04:27 PM   #5
NyC Zn6
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i personally would say go with whatever you want. At the end of the day you will be driving the car everyday. I have to agree with @DarkSunrise go with a Mustang GT if you want a manual V8.
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DarkSunrise (04-28-2017), strat61caster (04-28-2017)
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Tuner > muscle
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Old 04-28-2017, 05:34 PM   #7
Join Date: Apr 2017
Drives: '13 BRZ, 04 rust bucket Suburban
Location: Brooklyn, New York
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Originally Posted by luxzje86 View Post
Tuner > muscle
Tuner needs to be tuned first. And that usually costs a lot of money to make anything worthwhile. Slapping a cheap catback isn't gonna cut it for me. Superchargers and turbos go for $3.5-5k, exhaust systems (headers, catback, tune) around $2-3k. Coilovers - $1-2k. Plus all of that may lead to some reliability issues. I was planning on getting the JDL UEL headers and an MXP Comp RS exhaust. Best sounding combo to me. I'd say sounds better than any muscle car. But the issue of practicality persists.

I'm open to other suggestions. I'm just looking for something fun and bigger, more practical than the BRZ.
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Old 04-28-2017, 05:37 PM   #8
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The practicality of the Challenger or the other Pony cars (I will never be able to call them muscle cars even though the definition has evolved) is not that much greater than the Twins.
Based on the stated wants and needs something along the lines of a WRX, Evo or even one of the hot hatches may be a better bet.
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DAEMANO (04-28-2017), HKz (04-28-2017)
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lol practicality in a pony car, here's the first forum result for 'challenger fold down rear seats'

You're deluding yourself on that front, I can fit bikes in the back of my 86, road tripped 3 people and a trunk full of luggage from LA to SF, a full set of 17x9 wheels for autox. An 86 is deceptively practical, there's been literally 2 occasions when I needed more 'utility' than what's available in an 86, when I helped my gf move and when I needed to move 8 tires and I didn't want to take two trips.

If you actually value practicality pony cars won't stay on the list for very long.

ANYWAY, this really isn't the car for some people, it's far from perfect, go test drive your other options and get the one that feels the best, good luck!
Originally Posted by Guff View Post
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The only thing great about the challenger would be the room. Twins are light, nimble, and pretty gas efficient. Also, the twins have aftermarket parts that are available. Yeah, you can change the tail lights, tint, and put 22's on your Challenger, but what you can do with a twin reliably is pretty great. The twins only need a bit more power and grip, not to the point where something breaks every thousand miles.

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Old 04-28-2017, 06:09 PM   #11
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when people say our twins ride harshly what are they comparing it to? i have never understood that complaint, sure the twins with the stock suspension aren't plush but they are far from being really stiff compared to most coupes..

so op you want to lose handling in order to gain torque and slightly more practicality? not sure what you want to carry in a pony car that you couldn't in the twins. and for the same reason you dislike revving the car, i personally like the fact that i get to bring the engine up all the way and shift more often than a car that has torque. more power to you if ya want a pony car, i personally wouldnt mind a mustang or camaro, but it sounds to me you just got old

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Cole (04-29-2017), Tcoat (04-28-2017)
Old 04-28-2017, 06:13 PM   #12
KR-S 86
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I would personally take a Mustang GT over a Challenger R/T, even if the latter was a Scat Pack.

I wouldn't hold the "Mustang into a crowd" meme against the Mustang seeing as you can Mustang into a crowd/ditch/curb/pole/tree/90ft drop off a cliff in almost any car really, even in our cars. As long as you aren't being a jackass and/or make a mistake, you don't have to worry about it.

They're both great looking cars and if you go for the Challenger R/T, see if you can get the Scat Pack.
Originally Posted by klearfade View Post
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Nah, homes. It's your dadda's hot goopey goop.
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Cole (04-29-2017)
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It sounds like you are bored with this car and looking for that next thrill, save some $ buy a motorcycle for your fun and sedan/suv for practical needs.
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strat61caster (04-28-2017)
Old 04-28-2017, 06:22 PM   #14
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Challenger is a big GT cruiser, it wont' feel quick for very long. Like @Tcoat said above you'd be much better off with a WRX (WRX hatch from a few years ago for max versatility and good pricing.) or a hot hatch of some sort.

Alternatively, you can get a 2013-2014 BMW 328, Cadillac ATS 2.0T, or Infiniti Q50 for $16-$20k if you want something more serious.

All the above will offer more power and versatility. None will feel as light and handle as well (RWD) as your twin.

So really you need to start over and decide if you want a lightweight sports car, a muscle car, a hot hatch, or something else before you make any more financial moves.
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