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Originally Posted by Jordanwolf View Post

When you ask a simple yes or no question and get told "nice try, you're being too aggressive", you've absolutely lost my business and anyone I know that is interested in buying parts, and anyone I may stumble across that mentions their name.

Their prices aren't more than a guideline for me, a little shopping around has shown that people are either willing to beat their prices easily, or already have a lower price.

Example of this recently, bought 720 Form GTF1 wheels from a local shop 5 minutes from my house 200$ cheaper than FT86motorsport, free shipping, and arrived in 2 days. Their customer service was also vastly superior.
IMHO, Brzworld importer always beats their prices, and is very well connected with suppliers, able to get items more readily. Customer service was always the best with all I ordered over the years.

At the last meet they raffled away coil overs, rear arms, an OFT, and a TURBO to the group !!
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