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Originally Posted by jedibow View Post
That header looks absolutely amazing!

Okay now on to business, I would like to see the torque biased header (maybe tri-Y) with possibly the inclusion of the vibrant metal core cat, (I know that it would increase pricing), however as you stated the Cat needs to stay in the factory location for SCCA rules, and I believe that AutoXer's need to have a decision whether they want to hold onto the gear longer (Equal length), or shift to a higher gear for exit speeds and not have to pay the price for it (tri-Y).

The reason I'm requesting the vibrant cat is because on my Evo (I know this isn't the same car) I ran a test pipe on my exhaust, and after replacing the test pipe with the vibrant for emissions reasons I actually gained (yes read gained) 3 whp. At the time it was unheard of, and for this reason I still have the vibrant unit installed and am happy with it.

hmm. interesting idea. Having an extreme performance catted torque bias header would be pretty freakin sweet for real SCCA racing for sure... BUT- it would cost so much more, would many people buy it? Since it seems like everyone flocks to the cheap chinese knockoff crap because of price. (thankfully Nameless's axleback is fairly competitively priced, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the real cheap junk from the mass manufacture companies to start coming out soon... batlground twin scroll header anyone? :P as soon as the first container ship arrives with that crap it'll be all over the forums and ebay I'm sure... same with the "UUUU my exhaust fell of my car!" posts)
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