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Originally Posted by Chris@Phastek View Post
I would have to research the DRL circuit on the FR-S. I know on the FJ Cruiser, they would reverse the current, but that had a different bulb type.

Also we would have to look into the fact that they might drop the voltage supplied to the light. Then we'd have to add a relay.

You don't actually have to flip a switch if you run it with accessory power (easy location to tap into is the cigarette lighter). When the vehicle is on or the key is flipped to ACC... The lights would be on.

I do understand the desire to wire them differently, but I would think this solution would please most people.
Sounds good. But i was thinking of actually deleting the DRL's and hook up the halos onto that circuit. Though i cant imagine how the fr-s would look like without the DRL's and just the halos, might look awkward. But anyhow, you got me interested. Or i'll just wait for you guys to come out with a complete headlight unit with HID retrofit with the halos. Makes it a lot easier to install. Thanks for the input!
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