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Originally Posted by wu_dot_com View Post
I have ask my AEM contact to verify the weight on the unit on production units. but meanwhile, lets put things in perspective.
the Hotchkis weights 3.8 lbs. so by putting on an AEM unit will add an addition 14.5 lbs plus the weight of a MC brace. the weight of MC brace is probably less than 1 lbs. so for the sake of easy number, the total delta in weight is 13.5 lbs.
meanwhile, lets say you can get hotchkis for $200, both perrin and grimmspeed MC brace goes for $100. so your total investment is $300-350 vs $ 180. of which you are paying an additional $120-170 to save 13.5lbs.
now unless you are really aggressively competing for time at a race track, the effects of 13.5 lbs on a 2700 lb car is really minimal. The difference in percentage is a wooping 0.5%.
To add to this, if weight is THAT important to you, run two gallons less gas to compensate...

You won't notice the weight difference from a single mod. Over saving 10-15 lbs per mod over the course of 10-15 mods, you'll notice the difference when you compare to a stock car, but each individual difference will be lost in the noise...
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