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Originally Posted by wu_dot_com View Post
to be honest, Im not really quite sure if the strut bar actually weights 18 lbs. it felt much lighter during installation.

also, the weight different between steel and aluminum of items with similar dimension shouldn’t be that significant. in all honesty i will get in touch with AEM to see if the weight they have on their website is accurate.

meanwhile, Hotchkis unit are very close to the AEM construction, however, according to their website, the unit is a wooping $248 w/o MC brace.

so $180 a little heavier with MC brace vs 248 a little lighter w/o.... to me the AEM is still the most logical compromise between cost and performance.

FYI. the general rule of thub for weight difference between alum vs steel of the same volume is roughly around 1:3. so if the hotckis weights 3.8 lbs. the AEM should be no more than 13-14 lbs.
Just wanted to aid in your explanation in case anybody questions your response:

Density of general aluminum = 2.7 g/cm³
Density of general steel = 7.8 g/cm³
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