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STI Short Shifter gets stuck on downshift.

New member here and loving the car so far.

Just bought myself a CWP 2017 BRZ PP that seems to have had the STI Short Throw Shifter as a checkbox on the original sale.

Now, at first I thought it was me getting used to the car but now I'm not so sure. More than half of the times that I attempt to downshift from 5th to 4th the shifter gets stuck on the tip of the wall between 4th and 6th. I am not using any crazy amount of force or excessive speed. Any attempts to emphasize leftward movement have granted me some rather unwanted access to 2nd.

It seems the only cure at the moment is to move the shifter in the most effeminate manner possible. Essentially supplying only enough force to pop it out of 5th and center itself before moving to 4th.

Is this common? I have almost no experience with a standard OEM shifter in these cars. I test drove a new model about 2 months before buying this one and I had zero complaints about the basic OEM shifter. I have researched how the shifter is mounted and nothing seems to suggest that this issue would be caused at the shifter itself even if it were installed incorrectly.
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