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Originally Posted by motrek View Post
Thanks man, I like the front end too, that's one reason why I picked the BRZ over the 86. The front end of the 86 just isn't for me, with the two pointy bits at the bottom and the... gills?? (I guess)... at the sides.

Although if there was an option to get the BRZ without the spoiler I would have done that. I think the back of the car looks beautiful without a spoiler.

The second day I had the car, I took the cap off the glovebox 12V port and stuck it on the sound tube, which is what a lot of people do I guess. It made the car quieter for a while but then it seemed to go back to being loud, so I checked and the cap had fallen off. I couldn't seem to get it to stay very well so I decided to revisit the issue later.

But in the meantime, I've gotten used to the engine noise and I kinda like it, and it's pretty funny that half the people I drive around will start making "brrrrrrr BBRRRRRR" noises along with the engine and they say it sounds cool.

Road noise definitely seems to be a much bigger problem than engine noise in the cabin... depending on what kind of asphalt or concrete I'm driving on, I won't be able to hear my podcasts... but I can always hear my podcasts regardless of what the engine is doing... so I'm probably just going to keep the port unplugged.
You will adjust to the cabin noise. My volume is always above 20 though lol.
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