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2 of my fav cars side by side... Jealous... Hehe

Originally Posted by DarkSunrise View Post
My other car is a 2011 GTI, which a lot of reviewers complained was too stiff on the factory 18" wheels. Let's just say the FR-S is a notch or two stiffer than that. You'll definitely be avoiding potholes and slowing down for bumps. Sport suspension and low COG means the FR-S corners flat, but it's not for everyone. The average person would say it rides harshly over bumps.

The seats are very comfortable and nicely bolstered, provided you fit. I'm average build (5'9, 170) and the seats fit me like a glove. Visibility is surprisingly good for a low sports car, but unlike an SUV or even a hot hatch, you sit lower than most cars. To give you a sense of how low this car is:

For what it's worth, despite the GTI being softer and more comfortable, I daily drive the FR-S and rack up a lot more miles on it. Sometimes fun > comfort.
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