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Originally Posted by Griffdawg View Post
would have been easier to get the original keyfob cut right at the dealership and im sure they can program the chip in the rav4 keyfob to work with the frs
Originally Posted by jimmillion View Post
yes you can, but it's gonna cost a lot more then twenty bucks for the fob and a 4 dollar key cut at wal-mart.

we're talking a C-note at best.
when i talked to the dealership you have to get a frs key. theres only 19 in the world....well 18 now. i got a spare after i done this mod.

it was $269 for the key and $106 for the programming. after taxes and misc shop charges the total for my new spare key was $400.

Originally Posted by Razor View Post
Part of the fun of having such a great sport car is that the rough edges and little upgrades are done by us, people who love of our toys! Thanks for the step by step. Will try to recreate in my Raven.
totally agree and have fun with it. its not hard just tedious.
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