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Originally Posted by LucidMomentum View Post
Oh they work, no worries there. I drive in the oil fields so there are days when the roads have tons of rocks and mud on them. When I was my car there's always a large amount of mud and dirt coming off the flaps. Much more than what is on the car :p

However in the rain, due to the heigt of the car there's not a lot of space for water to go and when it hits the flaps some of it hits the side panels. Especially if you like to drift a bit in the rain It's not going to save you from having to wash the car, but it'll save you from rocks and heavy mud buildup on the side panels.

I got these guards because they're flexible, since I drive over a lot of rocks.
Well rain is rain. Car's going to get wet in rain. You don't buy mudflaps to keep you car dry, you buy them to keep debris kicked up by the tires from schwacking your fenders, which is what these will help with as @LucidMomentum noted.
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