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Lightbulb Scion FR-S to SEMA Caravan Event - [Part 1]

Scion did another tour event, this time was tour to SEMA. 300 miles driving Torrance to Las Vegas!

*Note* Due to so much event/things happened within 48hrs, I'm going to break it down into 2 different threads.

5:00AM Toyota USA Museum

Early in the morning? No, it's not early at all for FR-S owners.

5:30AM Inside Toyota USA Museum

Registered and get some swags!

Did I get some? Of course! What was inside? It's a secret

6:20AM Inisde Toyota USA Museum

Drivers meet. Moto-san double, triple making sure, there won't be any "Freaking Really Stupid" sticker needed to be giving out to the drivers within this tour.

6:30 Toyota USA Museum

Time to roll out! First stop is Starbucks

9:00AM between Starbucks & Del Taco Parking lot at Lenwood

Now, most of us are awake and brain are working (I wasn't).

So time to put the stickers! Plus get some coffee

10:30AM Roll out from Lenwood and head to Ghost Town

11:00AM Arrived in Ghost Town to do some awesome photo shoot

Now, can you see this LONG line of FR-S? It's near or maybe over 2 miles long!

12:00PM Last stop before Las Vegas

Moto-san is counting on all the FR-S to make sure there aren't any lost FR-S and if he need to give out "Freaking Really Stupid" sticker.

12:30:PM Depart

1:30PM Arrived at Las Vegas!

To Be Continue to next thread to Scion FR-S to SEMA part 2

Edit: here's the thread for part 2
Scion FR-S to SEMA Part 2

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