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Originally Posted by MarkR171 View Post
I was approached by someone who wanted to use my 4C for an article for Jalop. Someone whose portfolio of articles chronicles his own car, the second car he's ever owned. A "writer" who doesn't understand that plural's don't need apostrophe's before the 's.
After driving the 4C I would not lend it to more than a select few media types, most are there to do one thing get their rocks off on other peoples cars because they dont have their own.

Originally Posted by strat61caster View Post
lol, I forgot how much people hate @Dezoris.

And that he left before @Tcoat started spending a few hours a day posting here.

I like his opinions, his priorities are just different than the people who this car was built for. And when a car is as good as this, the only thing to talk about are the little things and the obvious deficiencies.
I think its hilarious that many of the owners of enthusiast cars cant find the beauty in the faults of them. Its part of the love of car ownership to embrace the good and bad. Some of my favorite cars have been flawed including the 86. And the best part is I can say the 86 is one of the best choices for those who want a drivers car, but so many people only hear one thing, an attack on their own self worth and not the car.

Originally Posted by stevesnj View Post
Almost all stainless exhausts have surface rust on the outside, these OEM stainless have more iron content than custom exhausts. Surface rust is inevitable especially in damp climates. But it shouldn't rust through

After watching the video It's a fair review from a perspective of someone who test drives cars. I happen to not agree with a lot of his sentiments such as the rust issue which would happen with pretty much every car on the market unless the bolts are capped or covered from the elements. Also I believe in research and I get things wrong even with research but it seems he only knows the history of this car he was able to find on Wikipedia. For example the engine. Toyota has the ability to design an engine for this car but they don't have a boxer type engine, so they went or joined forces with Subaru to complete Tada's vision. The mechanic is another know it all mechanic that has owned only American Muscle cars. His answer for this car is put in an inline four and sacrifice handling. UGGHH total OPPOSITE of this cars goal.I think he has been breathing in too much brake cleaner. I can't imagine a higher mounted block of metal that would oversteer at every corner. As far as the auto, I must say he's dead on. I drove the auto for a good 45 min, not a lot of time but enough to understand how good it is. I prefer the MT as many on here do. Also after owning the car I was dead against the tires but they are superb and purposely adapted for the car by design though I will be getting just slightly stickier tires since I'm faster than the tires. I say keep the stock tires and enjoy them but replace with slightly stickier when they are worn. He was also correct about what you get for this price point. You do get enough to feed your appetite with this car stock. Fast is nice but everyday fun is more satisfying. I have to watch again though. One thing I don't get is when he turns off the nanies on salt covered roads and complains it tail happy. Ugghh. I may just do my own review.

Excellent post. The motor comment is because it is true the ND Miata and S2000 did not need a low CG boxer motor to be dynamic and balanced. The second point is Toyota no longer has a high performance naturally aspirated 4 popper in their arsenal, and they are years behind in development, which is why you see them joining forces with Mazda with their engine development. Its not that they can't but they stopped and are behind. Other areas with the video like driving with no stabilty control, its a pre requssite to see how a vehicle behaves without interference. That said even with it off it still kicks on without pedal dance stupidity. Its a tail happy car, no arguing it. Sometimes you just want stick right?

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