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Originally Posted by Irace86.2.0 View Post
Ill repost the link a third time because it is obvious no one read it.
Do you also buy into the idea that the torque dip is necessary for the 86's success like Tetsuya Tada poses? That with the dip the car offers better fuel economy than without?

The only point you need to make is that when it turns out heavy it won't be the end of the world and it can still be a fast fun car.

At the end of the day there's a lot of marketing coverup for a car's deficiencies, even when you're talking to the 'legit' people from the company. It's their job.

Originally Posted by Guff View Post
Let's stay Supra specific here guys!
This isn't a car fan-fiction thread?

How can you be specific for something that doesn't exist?

Are you saying that the Supra WON'T have the GT-R's twin turbo V6 AWD?

You're oppressing my head-cannon! Reported!

In other news, relevant video, I real dig this channel.
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