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Originally Posted by CARBON10 View Post
The car was tuned on Ecutek by James at HRI, who has tuned 100’s of various 86 setups. I trust his input and car runs flawlessly at both high and low RPMs
While I also trust James from his time on here, I also trust the tuner who I work with who's the UK importer of the Sprintex and had these on the dyno many times. Logs look reasonably fine but the 335 stopped making power at higher RPM. Stock MAP sensor back on, problem went away and instantly made 15-20hp more. The same thing kept happening on the 210, it just robs you of less power. You don't lose anything by running the OEM sensor, to run a larger range sensor is not required.

In laymans terms, the stock sensor doesn't see the pressure fluctuations that the compressor causes at higher boost/RPM. You just tune the MAP compensation up until positive pressure, the MAF does the rest. If you have a sensor that measures the turbulence it causes the fuel and timing to run less than optimum and there's nothing you can do. I've personally seen the logs when this happens and it doesn't show up as an issue, you can only pick up on it with a dyno where the tailpipe AFR reading really aid diagnosis.
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