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Originally Posted by NIKOLA View Post
Hey guys.....

Just out of curiosity I wanted to ask if any of you changed out your MAP sensor to a 3 or 4 bar variant or are you running the OEM sensor as I am? I realize that tuning with the OEM sensor doesn't give you correct readings on the "Torque" app for boost PSI, but my tuner at the time suggested against it saying the sensor would be too sensitive and would pick up the fluctuations of the valves opening and closing. Does that sound right?

Quite the opposite here. My tuner wouldnít tune it without a different MAP... as it maxed out the stock and he couldnít make clear adjustments. He provided a 4 bar and tuned accordingly.

As a separate post... Iíve done 100+ pages of reading in this thread and couldnít find an exact solution. Iím running a 210 non intercooled kit that I purchased new and self installed a couple of months ago. With this said itís an 80 mm pulley... and Iíve developed quite a belt squeak. I originally thought pulleys... ruled out idlers, replaced the tensioner, tried a new original length belt... same noise, upgraded to a gates RPM belt... noise got WORSE.

If I spray water or lubricant on the flat side of the belt the noise goes away for a moment, then comes right back.

Any ideas?
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