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TSI offers HIDGUY HID kits and LED lighing! $95 kits SHIPPED! We won't be beat!

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MSRP $140, FT86Club pricing $95 SHIPPED!!!

True Street Industries, LLC is proud to offer the highest quality HID/LED's at affordable prices! Don't settle for low quality, low output pieces. TSI only works with the best to offer the brightest.

The HIDGUY HID kit is a 100% plug & play kit for both the lo/hi beams. Available in several different colors, this kit will brighten up everything in front of you and give your FR-S/BRZ the much preferred clean look over the stock yellow halogen bulbs.

Features of the HIDGUY kit:

HID Replacement Bulbs Available for BRZ! PM for Pricing!

Digital ballasts - No upgrade necessary! All kits are standard with slim patented heat sink design ballasts!

Shock proof, water proof and dust proof! Every ballast is rubber injected!

Optimum Intensity! Even at lower wattage, these HID's have the highest efficiency for maximum light output!


100% plug & play! No cutting, splicing or hacking of your wiring!

Available in 3,000K golden yellow, 5,000K oem white, 6,000K diamond white, 8,000k diamond blue, 10,000k iceberg blue, 12,000k cobalt blue and 30,000k exotic pink.

*55watt ballasts available. PM for info and pricing.

Why stop at just HID's? TSI also offers a full compliment of high powered LED's for your FR-S/BRZ!

Name:  9005 LED resize.jpg
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9005 LED for DRL/hi beam. MSRP $25 each, FT86Club pricing $13 each!

Want the clean, brighter look for your Daytime Running Lights/hi beams without the cost of an HID kit? The 9005 LED's are for you!

Name:  Dome LED Resize.jpg
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Dome LED - 1 per vehicle. MSRP $7.50, FT86Club pricing $6!

Name:  LED plate resize.jpg
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License plate/Trunk/Reverse LED's - 5 per vehicle. MSRP $7.50 each, FT86Club pricing $6 each!

Name:  Switch back Resize.jpg
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Switchback 60/60 LED's - 2 per vehicle for turn signals. MSRP $25.50 each, FT86Club pricing $20 each!
Switchback LED's available in White/Amber

Rear turn signal LED's in Amber. $20 MSRP, FT86Club pricing $14 each!

*Switchback LED's cause blinker speed to increase. Relays are available to correct this for normal blinker speed at $10. Relays are 100% plug and play and only one is needed to correct hyperflash!

**HID kit shipped prices are within Continental US only. Please PM for pricing shipped elsewhere.

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