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Originally Posted by Dezoris View Post
Short answer is does not appear to make a huge difference. Talking 1 degree variance most of the time and I can't prove its not other factors causing it. (Other than oil/coolant temps)

Also this is paper research...

I need more recent logs though so I need to start trolling and get people to donate.

The way the ECU is setup on this car is it relies heavily on the Knock sensor feedback (knock correction.) This is why the these cars dyno all over the place. I think its a way they get to pass emission laws around the world but isn't great for long term durability (especially with FI.)

A safer tune will rely less on knock correction and just tune out detonation as much as possible.

The FA20 tune may be giving you more timing because you're using 93 in IL where the same tune on CA gas may give a less advance (since you can only see the end result with data logging.)

I would be interesting in seeing knock logs doing a 0-80 mpg run on the three tunes.
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