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Options for Stock Wheels

Good evening everyone,

My OEM tires are coming to the end of their lives. I was looking at getting some aftermarket wheels since I have to change tires anyways, but since Iím still paying off the car, that will have to wait.

The stock tires are pretty narrow so my question is if it is okay to move up to maybe a 225/40/17 or 225/45/17 on the stock wheels. I believe some people have already done this. However, some advise not to while others say it works no problem.

Also, could I add maybe 20mm spacers? How would the slightly wider tires and spacers affect the over balance and handling of the car? Would I have any rubbing issues? If it would affect the car negatively, then Iíll just get a good tire in the OEM size. I also plan to stay stock on suspension for a while. As stated before, Iím paying off the car so coilovers and all that will have to wait. Iím just looking for a way to give my car a nicer stance overall. Thank you for your time and any advice will be much appreciated.
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