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Alright; Paul got me some datas to share. No graphs or charts, just a simple % increase/decrease; which can be used to estimate downforce and drag off our listed chart.

Comparisons are to an FR-S trunk (smooth, no spoiler) with only our rear wing on the car.

BRZ Spoiler Only:
7% decrease in drag
26% increase in downforce

BRZ Spoiler with Gurney Flap:
10% increase in drag
58% increase in downforce

Keep in mind, the percentages are large because the drag/downforce numbers are not very high to begin with when the car only has the rear wing on it. That being said, the trends are there for improved performance. You can make your own assumptions with the various spoilers out for the vehicles past this information. I apologize but we cannot and will not run every spoiler iteration out there for the twins. The time involved is large and no other companies, to date, release even a fraction of the information we release with our products. All of this data takes *a lot* of time and effort to analyze, compile, and release.

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