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Originally Posted by TylerLieberman View Post
Stance does have the option of swift springs. I had 8k/9k swift springs on mine.

If you're just trying to slam the car down as low as possible, the BC extreme lows will be best. Though I would never recommend BC to anybody. Against my better judgment, we put them on wife's Focus ST and sure enough, they were absolute shit.

I have friends that use them too and they've been pretty problematic. I think BC is absolute garbage.

I personally am a fan of STANCE products, as myself or any of my friends have not had a single issue with any of their products in almost 10 years. Solid product, fantastic customer service etc. @Touge Factory can help with purchasing Stance products and pairing them with Swift Springs if you want. Awesome group of guys there and they can answer your questions I'm sure.

I've been in a few cars with FA coilovers and I don't really have anything bad to say about them, though I wasn't exactly blown away by them or anything. They seemed fine for what they were. A lot of people run them and love them though.

Just remember that you aren't getting Ohlins/AST etc. level performance with ~$1,500 entry level coilovers. Just depends on what you're trying to do with the car.
Thanks! I have ruled out BC.

Would you say that your 8k/9k spring rate was good for daily and an aggressive setup?
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