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Originally Posted by uspspro View Post
Maybe two versions.

Some of us may end up making more top end through tuning and maybe cams.

It would be sweet if the torque curve held on for another 500 rpm.
We'll make as many configurations as function for different applications. I did the math again last night and our 2011-2012 STi Sedan TurboBack Exhaust has 20,412 possible configurations. If there's reason to sell multiple designs with varied configurations, we'll do our best to facilitate that. Especially when it comes to preferential items like heat shields vs. ceramic coating. I don't want to jack the price of the base header up just to add provisions for heat shields if someone isn't going to use them. We do have a great stockpile of ceramic wool (one level higher density than the factory heat shield packing - the only place I've ever seen that material on a production car) to work with for bolt on heat shielding options because we pack our mufflers with it. I can put a single 1" thick pad of it on the palm of my hand and blast it with a MAP gas torch without any heat on the other side. We threw a chunk of it, soaked in oil, into a bonfire and it survived intact.

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