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Originally Posted by RayRay88 View Post
Definitely a far cry from 86 or any sporting nature. They're all numb over assisted power steering, but the Honda's in a back to back with a toyota definitely feel "more engaging" in terms of chassis tuning and handling. You don't know what you're missing until you drive a Corolla.
I had a Corolla as a rental from Toyota during my recall nightmare. The electronic e-brake was really lame. The seats were basically cardboard with cloth on them. Connecting my phone to the head unit to play music was more involved than I would've liked. The brakes were so touchy that it was a battle to not engage ABS at every stop sign in snow.

I will say that the car felt planted, there wasn't much body roll and the car felt stable at even interstate speed. They've done a great job with a vehicle that is meant to just protect you from the rain in traffic.
I'd settle for a pre-OBD2 Toyota product any day compared to the marshmallows that the general public love today!
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