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Originally Posted by NWFRS View Post
Found my first rock chip with surface rust in it. It was on the cabin roof. It's a six-year-old car so not really a big deal. Cleaned with alchohol and applied a generous drop from my six-year-old paint pen. Not going to sweat it but I feel like my car is aeging in dog years.
Six years? That's some good luck.

I've got swirls, chips, scratches, and dents after 1.5 years and it came with orange peel. I have a dent and scrape on the roof where some wind blew a nice 4cm thick branch chunk at it from ~5m away and ~15m up, and it has multiple spots needing PDR from acorns. Birds love to drop bombs on it. It's also been my DD through snow belt winters, city construction, and gravel road drives, so the paint abuse racked up quickly.

Then again, each problem has been a great excuse to buy detailing equipment, so maybe I'll just quit my day job and take care of cars for a living!
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